What are microbrews and craft beers exactly?

Microbreweries and craft breweries are breweries that produce beer in smaller quantities and are generally considered to have higher quality than mass-market breweries. Microbrews are defined by having less than 15,000 barrels of beer produced each year, are independently owned and tend to focus on offering high quality beer. Craft brews are similarly categorized; they need to produce less than six million barrels of beer a year, 75% of the company must be owned by a craft brewer, and the craft beer needs to be brewed in a traditional way, meaning at least 50% of the beer must be traditional ingredients like malted barley or hops. While those are the set standards for what makes a craft or microbrewery, most consumers focus on the taste to define their microbrew and craft beer. Because they are smaller companies and use more traditional means for brewing, craft and microbreweries focus on using high quality ingredients and brewing methods to provide the best tasting beer possible.

The greater Chicago Area, including parts of Indiana and Wiscosin, leads the country in Breweries with 202. Of those, 144 are craft breweries, making Illinois the best place to be to sample and enjoy Craft Beers.
Tuesday October 24th, 2017